Friday, November 20, 2009


It is 8:12 am and I decided to illustrate a giraffe this early in the morning. I wanted to illustrate it digitally because i want to start getting used to doing it this way. I still love to do it the old fashioned way by hand. But I want to get used to the fact that technology is now being used to do illustrations. I think I will start using design programs to illustrate my characters, but I will not stop doing it the old fashioned way. I think there is something about my hands that can create that the computer cannot, originality! I don't like the fact that the computer can create something for you! I like using my hands when it comes to creating characters and drawing and coloring.

I want to start getting used to illustrating animals more, starting with this giraffe. I went to the zoo this past October and there was something about the giraffe that just fascinates me. The long neck and the fact that it can kill a lion with just one jab, but they seem to be one of the most gentle creatures on earth.

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