Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I also do photography, here are some of my work I've done in college. These are photographs of dancers from the dance school taken in a studio at the Art school. I do head shots and motion shots.

If you need a photographer to do your head shots I am the one that you are looking for. I do all types of photography, from head shots to wildlife and plants to weddings. I provide my own sony camera.

Here are some other work I've done that included setting up a scene and taking photographs of it.
This is called my "Apple Series", I built a scene for my apples to have as a backdrop. One of my photographs was compared to the artist Matisse.

The photograph to the left is the photo that reminds me of the Matisse painting of the apple covering his face.

The photograph to your right is more of like a classic photo of apples. it gives you that classic style sense, with the light coming from the window using natural light.

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