Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"He's in my dreams"

A dream
whats in a dream
I do dream
so clear it is
I rode a bike
on a curvy hill
the steep climb
that's a dream
to see Egypt
beneath the clouds
what does it mean?

God help me, i need you
this dream showing me
what I can't understand
to see wave of motion
in the air
and penetrate the room
i lift my hands and see
there are students
on their knees
what a dream

i'm at a table eating
I follow the girl
who was angry
can't you see
she is hurting
up a hill we go
i follow behind
she climbs up
that flag poll
you see her
and down head first
i cry out loud
what does it mean
Lord help me

I have a house
on a hill above the clouds
i see Egypt
again there's Egypt
Lord reveal the truth
what is truth
people don't know
we are to tell

Dreams are a gift
I dream, those dreams
the dreams that reveals
Lord Jesus is good
to be with me
to show me
to love me so much
to die for me
to enrich my soul

my soul
the soul i have
i cry
He hears
God held my hands
took me through the fire
that burns
lies that weren't true
God says to rebuke
and say in Jesus name
almost confused
but with His touch
didn't have to worry much
what a dream that was

haha down he goes
he is defeated
just the power
of God
he cannot withstand Him
I Love the Lord
in my dreams
Lord you are
I love you
even in my dreams

By D Hawk

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