Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"The One who is"

I was created
time has passed
Life is precious
God is good,
Merciful and Mighty
He is
He says
I Am that I am.

I've fallen,
who doesn't?
He doesn't, He is the perfect
the gracious and loving God
we serve
I serve Him
I love Him
I am the Head and not the tail
I always remind myself
Jesus is the son

Don't forget me
I will never forget
He has touched me
I smile and sing songs
of Solomon to Him
My lover who protects me
when I make wrong decisions
I'm not perfect
But who is?
He is
He says "I am that I am"
don't forsake me

A prayer every night
He hears
So open up your ears and hear
Open up your eyes to see
He was
He is
and He is to come
The father on the thrown
will judge one day

Are you ready?
I ask myself
I believe I am
in love with the Lord
to serve
to lift up mine hands
and open up my mouth
and let notes flow
the sun is out
shining on the ground
my shadow shows my shape
the shape of a God fearing person

Life is good
He says, but I can make a plan
the plan that God has for me
is alright with me
I call on Jesus name
the only name I know
that can reach the Father
on the thrown
He is coming back someday
are you ready
I am
He knows my heart
He knows my struggle
Struggle is good
I grow every day

I wake up with a smile
because the dream i had
God was in it
showing me things
i can't understand
but He says believe
just like Joseph
who came to Egypt
that was also in my dreams
I know Him
I love Him
the Mighty
the Lamb of God

The one who was
Who is
and Who is to come.

by D Hawk

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