Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Ok, I finally put up the illustration that I drew yesterday morning today. By this time you should know that I am obsessed with drawing children and their mothers. But later I will get into children with their fathers. This is my daily illustration diary.

This one has no color because I'm running out of color. But soon I will add color. I've always loved children even as a kid I loved babies. I can't wait to have children myself. Kids inspire me to do children books.

This is an illustration of an Asian child pretending to be Michael Jackson singing the famous "Billy Jean" while the mother peeks in the room and watches him.

I want to illustrate children of all ethnic backgrounds. My next kid I want to do is a Native American full blooded Blackfoot kid wearing full blackfoot attire. I have blackfoot in my family line, but I'm mixed with many ethnicities so after that I want to get into drawing mixed kids with their parents. There aren't many books out there that shows mixed children. One book that I would really like to get is the book called "I'm your Peanut Butter Big Brother" by Selina Alko!

Until then,
Buenas Tardes Amigos!

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