Thursday, July 16, 2009

"What's on my mind"

My mind is wrapped up
Twisted and tangled
Lord, I can't survive without you
Black White Red Yellow
Mixed, quite a fix
Never had I known how to write this
Tears falling like rain
Heart is drowning
I'm dying, no one to call
But God is near
So don't shed another tear.

Black, so black
You stand out in the sand
So beautiful you are
You are hurting
White Chocolate that taste so good
But the hot pepper gives it taste
But burns the mouth
I miss you and love you
You drop me like mild sauce
I can't breath
Nor can I stand
Trying to hold my heart
That is slipping, trying not to cry
I can't stop.

Lord I need you
Again I say, I need you
The racism
Black so beautiful
I love you
White as snow
I'm a part of you
Red how you burn
The skin I have
Caramel Chocolate candy
mix that taste so good.

I can't do it alone
To share the good news
What's the good news?
They ask, I reply
It is Jesus that saved me
From a suicidal attempt
To open the door and lay in His arms
I drew a picture of
The curly haired, bright eyes
Filled with joy
Can I get a little bit of what you have?
You can have it
Are you going to use it?
I live every day on a string so thin
How is life?
But God
Oh God
Can't say anymore
There is only one
One thing left
He is here, and as dry as the sun
But I love Him
The one who took on so much pain
The pain I can't endure
The pain I have
Is only for a little while
He loves me.

By D Hawk

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