Thursday, July 16, 2009

"My Race"

What Race am I?
The land of the Native Americans
That was taken
That was stolen
But it still belongs to the Blackfoot
The Crows
The Hawks that swoop down
To get their prey
But we are
Or were
The Prey.
The Africans so free
To dance, to hunt
To run.

What am I?
I am Choctaw, Blackfoot
And African American.

Who are you?
You were the ones that took my freedom away!
The ones that chased me away.

We forgot our language, we forgot our culture
and our strength to survive the buffalo herd.
So mixed am I
and to not belong
To live in a land that hates
The Black and Brown
To live with love in my heart
But struggling to overcome
the evil that you have toward me.

Why do you hate me so much?
why do I love you so much?
Love overcomes evil.

The Black and Brown
Joined together in unity
to strengthen the bloodline.

My People, my people.
Why do you separate me?
I can't choose, you chose me
So come together.
Don't segregate
No matter how hard they tried.
Sometimes I wish I could go away,
Because sometimes I'm so afraid.
The dark heart,
The piercing eyes.

My mom who bore me
Gave her life to God
Introduced me to the Father
Who loved the Native Americans
Who saved the Africans
from the curse
that put them in slavery.

Africans and Native Americans
Sharing similar cultures
the painting on the face
the dancing
the hunting
Come together
Serve one God.

Native Americans take back your land
Africans take a stand
make a plan
help me to understand
So confused am I
about my identity because of
But not confused about
who I am in Christ.

I live life
Loving People
Enduring pain and hurt
and eyes watching me
I don't belong here
But I do.
This is the land of my

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