Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Artist this Afternoon- Marketing Strategies

Ok, this morning I just got my business cards from FedEx Kinkos with a picture of my new book on it. I am ready to go only if I had the copies of my book with me right now, but that will not be for another week. That would surely help me a great deal in marketing my book, but God is good and always faithful and will provide other ways to market my book.

So today I have planned to go and pass out my business cards inside libraries. A friend suggested that I stand outside book stores like Barnes & Noble and get incoming customers to asks the clurk if they had "Meet Pooky The New Kid" by Domonique Mayhawk so that the store could start looking for the book to purchase to have in stock. I plan on calling elementary schools to schedule book readings of my book and donate a book to the school. Another thing I was thinking about doing is calling radio stations to have maybe an interview.

If you have any marketing tips, please let me know I would love to use it!

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