Monday, March 8, 2010

ARTIST Tonight- Coloring Pooky

I just colored Pooky in Character. I had fun layering 2 different mediums on Pooky and topping it off with artist pen! I think this is the look I am going for!

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  1. These characters are a hoot!! Oh how cute and fun they are. Great work. I just got finished reading your email and I know how you feel. You just can't give your artwork away. When working as a freelance artist you have to take care of so much. This is your bread and butter unless you have a regular 9 to 5 that supports you while to live out your dream of being a full time artist.
    Do not apologize for the cost of your talent and time. It's very precious and you can't get it back when you have wasted time on a project that is not giving you the rewards of fair payment. So many people want the services of an illustrator or designer, but don't want to pay the price. Know your worth and stick to it. Some will be able to afford you and others you will either work with or walk away from. I think that the price you have figured is well within the range of what is fair. It's good to know if you are going to be holding the copyrights to this job as well. So that you can put the work on display and show to other clients for possible jobs or even use to publish on your blog or site.
    The price you quoted is very good. If you are working with someone who is publishing their own book, then there is some negotiating room to be had so work with what you feel comfortable with. In other words D, if you have been sitting at your desk for hours doing a spread or spot work you need to price it where you are happy to do so. If it's 25.00 per hr then if you are happy with this bill accordingly. If you and your client can reach an agreement that works well for both of you then SWELLLLLL!!!! Go for it!! Ultimately you need to be compensated for you fabulous work and you don't have to take low for that. Don't be afraid to say what you need to say. I tell clients often, " Please check out other illustrators and designers and their fees before you just decide you want to go with me as the illustrator." I don't have time to educate them. They have to want to do this for themselves. If you need anymore help just holler.
    Hope that this helped.