Saturday, August 15, 2009


How I got this job as an illustrator for the author of the children book "LJ and the Dreammaker was a blessing from the Lord! I had just graduated with my BFA and I was browsing through the university art career opportunity website and found an ad that someone was looking for an illustrator for their new book. It was a competition to find out who was best for the job. I prayed about it and I decided to go for the competition. The author provided a sample from her manuscript and we had to illustrate from that.

She didn't describe the boy as a Caucasion or an African American so I decided to draw him as a mixed kid from the inner city. I decided to do various drawings describing the manuscript and put in a sample page layout, and I colored the drawings using different grays. This drawing of various LJ's helped me to also find the right look for Carlos (LJ's Latino friend), I was intending on drawing LJ, but the middle character came close to LJs look and the character to the right came close to Carlos. A friend of mine from Canada also went for the competition! After praying about it, I decided to turn it in. Weeks had gone buy and I then heard from the author by email saying that she decided to choose me. I started to praise God with leaping and shouting with my roommates. I then met up with her in January 09 and she said that I was the only one that came close to the vision she had of LJ. But I then had to work on the Dreammaker because she had pictured him somewhat different so I had to try to capture her vision of him! The book is just about done, and we are both excited! I love the characters. This is my first real illustration job and I pray that there are more out there waiting on me!


  1. You are so talented! I'm going to have to keep you in mind when I'm ready to pub my children's book!!

  2. you are amazing! i'm so proud! :-)