Monday, August 17, 2009


I have a heart for children who are underprivileged and who live in inner cities! Children who can't get a good education because of the school system! I not only care about children in Detroit where it is needed most in Michigan, but children in general.

I grew up in Detroit, and as a child living in the slums of Detroit there wasn't many educational opportunities. And even today schools are being torn down in Detroit. Detroit is # 1 for poverty rate!

I hope that Detroit gets better, but I do have memories of the slums and vacant houses. Children can't help where they live, they do need a chance for higher education so that they can rise higher than where they are. Children are the future and the earth will became a better place if they get the education that they need. Detroit will become a better place if people lend a hand to the educational system.


  1. D hawk
    Thank you for your generous comment.
    I am very happy for my work can inspire you, I hope that this work can add to our attitudes to transform the planet into a world more equal and fairer for all. We must remember that love and only love is a warm gun.
    best rigards
    Ps:The your work is beatiful
    Congratulations for you!!!!!!!

  2. Hello D!! Its Charmaine over from A Charmed Life! Thank you for your very thoughtful comments on my blog posts. It's been a bit of challenge getting through some tough times recently, but this blog community has definitely been inspiring and truly supportive. Your illustrations are great and have a real positive message. You seem to be one of those rare individuals who can really make a difference in this world. Good for you. My parents and rest of my family live in Wixom, just outside of Detroit so I know that the state has been hit pretty hard and most are down and out!

    I hope we can be in touch....I sell my art through gallery shows, word of mouth and soon-to be-open webstore online! It's slow and tedious but rewarding. Talk to you soon..

    All the best, Charmaine